Are you experiencing a big transition or change in your life that is keeping you paralyzed from doing what matters most to you?

Do you want to live more authentically, with more ease, courage, and confidence in your relationship with your self and the difference you make, but feel stuck.

If you’re like many people, you probably know you can do more and you don’t want to give up, but right now you can’t see how to move forward and make progress.

You want to be true to yourself, authentic, achieve closeness with others, and experience ease and confidence as you show up more fully.

You can have peace of mind, be clear, and be free to do what you are here to do. And in the process achieve closeness with others and increased joy in your life.


I’m Charlie Craytor. Since 1993 I’ve been supporting clients and students who are experiencing changes that are impacting their personal or work life in a big way.

I bring together a strong grounding in a number of spiritual practices, experience as a counselor, therapist, facilitator, and teacher in a range of healing modalities.

Feel free to contact me if you any questions or would like to schedule a session.


“In the face of the unknown the response will be fear or adventure, the difference would be courage. Ask yourself, ‘if I wasn’t afraid what would I do?’ Then do that. It builds the courage skill.” ~ Charles Craytor