Daring to be Authentic

Well, I’m going to start right here with this post–sharing more authentically.
It has not been smooth sailing. I’ve struggled for years with anxiety and depression. I will give myself credit for facing my fears and not giving up. I’m surprised that today I can genuinely declare, “I have courage.” I’m not referring to heroic courage. I’m referring to the courage to be honest with myself each day, acknowledge my fears, and take action anyway. Depression is a thing of the past. Anxiety still pops up from time to time. Welcome to America.
It often seems that many of us, perhaps most, are traveling through life pretending that everything is OK. We want so much to appear good in the eyes of others. And so, much of the time we pretend. I have found fulfillment in being able to acknowledge when I’m being inauthentic, and in the process restore my authenticity.
The fast few years have been remarkable in many ways. I’ve faced many challenges and fears. It’s been an interesting experience in the past few years to hear longtime friends share, “Chuck it’s so nice to see you being kind to yourself.” We can all benefit from kindness.
This is a short posting. It’s a start. Not sure how this will unfold, but I would like to share more and take some risk of being a bit more vulnerable.

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