Do you want to make a difference for good in your life and the world?

Do you feel like you are not being true to yourself?

Do you wish you could be closer to your loved ones and feel more at ease and confident?

If you’re like many people, you probably know you can do more and you don’t want to give up, but right now you can’t see how to move forward and be free.

I work with people who are experiencing a big change in their work or personal life and are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the high standards they have for themselves, and would like to experience freedom and peace of mind.

I’m Charlie Craytor. Since 1993 I’ve been helping people who are going through major transitions that are impacting their lives in ways they don’t like, or that feel painful.

I bring to you experience from a number of spiritual practices, as a counselor, and as a teacher.

“In the face of the unknown the response will be fear or adventure, the difference would be courage. Ask yourself, ‘if I wasn’t afraid what would I do?’ Then do that. It builds your courage skill.” ~ Charlie Craytor

You may be wondering, can my approach really help you?

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